01) Operator/Agent buying from ALTA agrees upon the details and conditions stated below when makes a booking with Alta Tourism.


02) Prices in our catalog can be in US Dollars or Euros and NET for bona fida Travel Agencies.


03) All prices are inclusive of current local Value Added Tax (VAT).  Should there be a difference in this percentage by the Government, the difference shall be applied accordingly to the quotations.


04) All reservations and all cancellations must be in writing and sent by fax or e-mail (info@alta-tours.com), directly to Alta’s Headquarters in Istanbul.


05) Operator is required to pay in full for each booking 30 days prior to the arrival date of the respective guests.


06) For individual bookings payment is refundable if the booking is canceled until two weeks prior to the arrival date of the respective guests.  USD 100 (or EURO 100) penalty per person is applied if the booking has been canceled within 14 to 4 days prior to the arrival date.  Payment is held in total if the booking has been canceled within 4 days prior to arrival of the respective guests.  For the “Blue Voyage” instead, the payment is not refundable if made after 30 days prior to arrival.


07) Tour programs are designed by ALTA TOURS, acting as an agent between, on one side the client, and on the other side the transporters, hotels, and service providers. Due to the nature of the operation confirmed hotels mentioned in the tour programs may be replaced with similar category hotels in case of availability problems.  ALTA shall not be held responsible in any case, and passengers/clients cannot claim any indemnity, in the event of a change in the schedules or itineraries, particularly if these changes result from unforeseen events, or conditions that make those advisable for the comfort and safety of the passengers.


08) ALTA shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage to the luggage or personal belongings, or such.  We expect all our guests to be covered by insurance, unless otherwise requested in writing by the Operator.


09) Once the guests arrived, confirmed stays, services, tours shall not - in any case, be refunded when interrupted, shortened, or not utilized by the passenger, and/or the operator.


10) Payments can be made by a WIRE-TRANSFER to our bank account of Alta Tourism.


11) If payment has not been received on time, ALTA may refuse to handle the services for the guests.  If ALTA chooses to give the services, payment may be collected directly from the guests on the spot.


12) In the event it is necessary to retain counsel and/or initiate litigation to enforce the terms of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, and the competent court is Istanbul.





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